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I believe in respecting your body, quality over quantity, faith over fear, abundance over lack, and lifestyle choices over shortcuts. In addition, I believe in joy, the power of authenticity and attitude, relationships, and serving you the best I can.

For me, “success” is being happy and free. I believe you cannot be truly successful with a broken body or mind, and my mission is to help you heal both mentally and physically. 

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I talk about #fitness, #wellness, #lifestyle, #mindfulness, and #entrepreneurship.

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Maria Angelova Speaker for Hire

American Bar Association Law Series

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American Immigration Lawyers Association Wellness

The Challenge of Finding Work-Life Balance

Snippet: Mental & Immune Health during COVID

Snippet: Who Are You Without Your Title?

Snippet: Change & Personal Growth

Snippet: Pain Creates Urgency

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Feel Beautiful Today: Body, Mind, Spirit Series

Invite Me To Speak at Your Next Event

I am a professional speaker for hire.

I talk about #fitness, #wellness, #lifestyle, #mindfulness, and #entrepreneurship.


Invite Me To Speak at Your Next Event

Need a health and wellness speaker for your next event? Invite me to speak. I talk about fitness, wellness, lifestyle, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, leadership, authenticity, self-discovery, team engagement, pain reduction, stress reduction, posture, healing, and mental health.